Leaves and Petals, My Favorite People
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Tsubaki: Delicate, but Vibrant and Strong

As my quest to draw & paint people continues, I find out along the way that just painting what you see is good enough for now 🙂 The color and shadow that appear on this sample picture of Genevieve Padalecki are perfect. I just copied what I saw down on paper, drawing and coloring what was there. Then added the flowers that I thought suited her on the side. The result is much better than my wildest expectation! *fist pumps*



  1. Sharon Mann says

    Beautiful composition and painting. You’ve capture a sweet moment in time. The eyes of the model draw me right into the art. Well done!!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Sharon 🙂 I am quite proud of myself heh heh 😀 I hope to do more of people painting. It is so fun!

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