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Welcome to Fall!

I have not posted in ages! But my reason is so cute. My nephew was born in July so I have been helping to take care of him. Babies are so cute omg. I also have not painted a lot lately. Will have to do so soon. Until then, here is Hiroshima city from my window, back when I was there for a meeting last year :):):)
Welcome to Fall 2016

Hello you!


When I first started painting 3 years ago, inspiration did not come to me easily. I could only paint what I saw, so landscape painting was my comfort zone. But as I continued painting, random scenes started to pop up in my head even when I was not painting at that very moment. Like today, when I was browsing my facebook, I saw a friend’s profile picture of a doll she sew by herself. Minutes later, that doll began to stroll through field of flowers in my head. I grabbed a pencil and did some sketching and voila she’s here! I guess I have to name her now, am I?

Tsubaki: Delicate, but Vibrant and Strong

As my quest to draw & paint people continues, I find out along the way that just painting what you see is good enough for now 🙂 The color and shadow that appear on this sample picture of Genevieve Padalecki are perfect. I just copied what I saw down on paper, drawing and coloring what was there. Then added the flowers that I thought suited her on the side. The result is much better than my wildest expectation! *fist pumps*


My quest to draw people continues…

Remember when I first sketch people 2 months ago? I have been practicing, finding inspiration from actors I like (their faces for one lol). They are still look like manga characters but I think now I know how to color people’s face better.

Here is Jared Padalecki portraying Sam Winchester from the series Supernatural.

Will keep practicing. I still have no clue how to paint people’s clothes tbh. Guh

Sam Winchester / Supernatural (early seasons)

Sam Winchester / Supernatural (early seasons)

Happy New year 2015!

Well, I have been away forever!

Works have been flowing in so no complains 🙂

It has become a tradition that I send postcards to my friends from watercolor class once in a while. So on the occasion of the new year, I painted a bunch of postcards with cats to them. I love cats. Not as much as dogs but I love them too. This is not the year of the cat (but the year of the goat for us Asian) but well… who can resist cute cats!

Happy Meaw Year!

Happy Meaw Year!


Watercolor is complex. So I am always happy when I can paint a simple picture with watercolor, when I do not have to worry about what color to mix with what and what and etc.

Happy weekend from far east Bangkok!

Kasaga Taisha, Nara, Japan

Kasaga Taisha, Nara, Japan

Still life #5–where to next?

It is not really a still life painting but this just fits my previous still life theme so yey.

My watercolor classmates and I kind of have a tradition to paint postcards to our classmates like once every 2 or 3 months. One of my classmates is a very smart university professor and she travels around the globe and be a visiting professor here and there. Her name in Thai is Nok which means bird in English.

So the latest postcard I painted for her was this one. Very simple but not at all easy.

I don’t really like the background color. Though I like chubby little colorful birds and their little red flags (*pats self for coming up with this idea heh*). But my friend loves it! I guess this matters the most.

P Nok


Drink up and make a wish

From today until the end of the year (only 3 months away—how time flies!), I will be drawing and painting a lot of pictures about Japan. My plan is to create a kind of picture book, with watercolor paintings on Japan. I have a direction in my head but I do not think my mood and my right hand that are mostly responsible for the quality of my drawings will listen to it much.  *sighs*

This is one of the pictures I will use in the picture book. Kiyomisudera in spring. The waterfall will grant you wishes so make a wish (or two) before drinking.

And look who have the new (c) trademark! In red color even!

otawa waterfall