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Still life painting—still a long way to go

When I first started painting with watercolor, I mostly painted landscape. I still love to paint landscape but also have started to explore more style. Lately I have been into painting still life picture. One thing I lean is that light and shadow are very important! I’m still learning and cannot yet master all the work of  light/shadow but it’s fun and refreshing all the way 🙂

My color palette (as of previous years)

I started my watercolor class about 2 years ago and absolutely fall in love with it. Everything seems softer and more romantic when painted in watercolor. At first I tended to paint with very vivid and strong color but these days, I like to paint in softer color. So basically my watercolor palette used to look like this…                           Oh so strong. Will have to paint the palette as of these days to see the difference. Judging some the picture I painted yesterday? Huge difference!  

U.S.A. lighthouse collection

For some reasons, I love lighthouses. Often find myself browsing for lighthouse pictures from google image and looking at the beauty for hours. So late last year, I chose 9 of my favorite U.S.A. lighthouse pictures from several sources and painted postcards to my watercolor classmates and teachers. Thanks to the owners of the original pictures whoever you are. This is one collection I am very proud of 🙂