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Still life #5–where to next?

It is not really a still life painting but this just fits my previous still life theme so yey. My watercolor classmates and I kind of have a tradition to paint postcards to our classmates like once every 2 or 3 months. One of my classmates is a very smart university professor and she travels around the globe and be a visiting professor here and there. Her name in Thai is Nok which means bird in English. So the latest postcard I painted for her was this one. Very simple but not at all easy. I don’t really like the background color. Though I like chubby little colorful birds and their little red flags (*pats self for coming up with this idea heh*). But my friend loves it! I guess this matters the most.  

Drink up and make a wish

From today until the end of the year (only 3 months away—how time flies!), I will be drawing and painting a lot of pictures about Japan. My plan is to create a kind of picture book, with watercolor paintings on Japan. I have a direction in my head but I do not think my mood and my right hand that are mostly responsible for the quality of my drawings will listen to it much.  *sighs* This is one of the pictures I will use in the picture book. Kiyomisudera in spring. The waterfall will grant you wishes so make a wish (or two) before drinking. And look who have the new (c) trademark! In red color even!

Back to landscape painting–the comfort zone!

I really really want to paint portrait. But I suck at painting portrait. I can only draw and sketch people but I don’t know how to paint people with watercolor. They said you can learn and master something by practicing very hard but I guess I probably need to enroll for a course or two! I have not given up yet 🙂 Just went back to my comfort zone and rolled around there a bit. Here is the result.  

Hana Mitsuki

I love painting flowers. I’d like to think I am doing fine with all the details/lines on petals and leaves and etc. But once in while, I do not care about details at all and just draw and paint what I see at first or second glance. Like I did with Hana Mitsuki flowers here. It is refreshing and the outcome is not so bad.

My color palette (as of previous years)

I started my watercolor class about 2 years ago and absolutely fall in love with it. Everything seems softer and more romantic when painted in watercolor. At first I tended to paint with very vivid and strong color but these days, I like to paint in softer color. So basically my watercolor palette used to look like this…                           Oh so strong. Will have to paint the palette as of these days to see the difference. Judging some the picture I painted yesterday? Huge difference!  

U.S.A. lighthouse collection

For some reasons, I love lighthouses. Often find myself browsing for lighthouse pictures from google image and looking at the beauty for hours. So late last year, I chose 9 of my favorite U.S.A. lighthouse pictures from several sources and painted postcards to my watercolor classmates and teachers. Thanks to the owners of the original pictures whoever you are. This is one collection I am very proud of 🙂